I grew up in a small fishing community on the EASTERN SHORE of Nova Scotia. My father fished for most of his life and also served time with the Canadian Coast Guard.

As a kid, I would take the rowboat and with my $0.25 lobster license go set a couple lobster traps near the breakwater but not very successful.

Completing high school and community college, I moved away from the fishery for many years then by some coincidence started a deep sea fishing charter company in Halifax and operated for a number of years, (1984-1996). With the short summer season for chartering, and the high capital cost for boats and equipment, it was time to go work in my trade.

Working in my trade throughout Canada and the USA, the thoughts of home and fishing were always in my mind. 

After a lengthy holiday starting December 2019 to enjoy sunshine, motorbiking, and some fishing, the world was hit with the virus that crippled the world. I returned to Alberta in late March but could not go to work.

For me this turned out to be a huge opportunity to get involved in the lobster fishery again.

In June of 2020, I opened EASTERN SHORE LOBSTER.


Captain Eli

Edmonton Alberta was the first location, then the decision to expand the operating locations to several other cities and towns which included Grand Prairie, Peace River, Slave Lake,  Fox Creek, and others.

The first season ended in early September with making plans for season 2 getting in the book.

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